New in build 0.10

Feb 12, 2014 at 1:54 PM
Edited Feb 12, 2014 at 1:57 PM

New Features and Old Features Worth Mentioning

  1. Support for multiple CPUs/cores (by using System.Threading.Tasks.Parallel). The observable improvement in performance on my machine is quite dramatic: up to 3 times better in some cases (I have 8 cores).
  2. Using OpenGL (via OpenTK)
  3. Some tools have been added to help measure performance. For example, in RunUntilStopped mode the field title shows number of transformations per second. Also, there is a special performance debug window where you can see average time per transformation and per field display cycle.
  4. There is an optimization available, but only applicable to Conway's Life algorithm.

Known Bugs/Limitations

  1. If Life optimization is used with other transformation algorithms, it may cause an invalid result (although interesting in some ways). This optimization uses the fact that cells only are born near current live cells, and ignores areas where there are no live cells nearby. Try this:
    a. Init field using "Diamond"
    b. Turn on Life optimization
    c. Select canned rule "Swap 0's and 2's"
    d. Transform once. You will see that only cells near the diamond have been transformed.
  2. Resize is very buggy. When increasing window size, either the field stretches, and you can see gaps between cells, or image gets placed into lower-left corner. How to deal with this: Always reset field size after GUI resize. That is,
    a. click "Make same as display size", and then
    b. reinitialize the field